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Webpage Creation & HTML

In 1999, Roger Rundquist taught me how (in a faculty development workshop) to make webpages using DreamWeaver. I bought it hook, line, and sinker and it changed by teaching career (and I am forever indebted to Roger). I’ve been making webpages since 1999. I’ve learned some HTML. I started doing website for our church and the Bomber Boosters.

In about 2015, I got my own domain name, drjimo.net.  By then I was using WordPress extensively (and continue to do so).

Unfortunately, even though I really liked DreamWeaver, the yearly subscription become too expensive.

To make webpages I now use (there are free):

  1. WordPress
  2. Microsoft Expression Web
  3. Visual Studio Code

To do the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) I use WinSCP


A good site to learn, look things up, and try things out is https://www.w3schools.com/

HTML Basics

A tag can have an attribute. HTML attributes provide additional information about HTML elements.
For example: target=”_blank”  target is the attribute; _blank is the value (use dbl-quotes for the value).  Can have more than one attribute (no punctuation needed). Here’s a good page on Attributes and Values.